West Elgin Nature Trust

The West Elgin Nature Trust was formed in 1999 as a non-profit, charitable organization to raise funds for local environmental projects, and to encourage and support conservation of Elgin County's natural resources. The main partners in the collaborative include the West Elgin Nature Club and the Elgin Stewardship Council.


Since its inception, the Trust has partnered on a number of local environmental projects as follows:

  • Providing financial support for the development and implementation of the Elgin Landscape Strategy through a partnership with Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • Leading development of the book ‘Birds of Elgin County: A Century of Change’ with funding support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, West Elgin Nature Club and a number of local naturalists
  • Providing financial support to many local schools and conservation groups enabling them to participate in and lead their own environmental projects


The Board meets once annually every March.

The Trust has small grants available for conservation projects. For more information on these grants including the application form and funding criteria, please contact;

West Elgin Nature Trust
Box 532
Rodney, Ontario
N0L 2C0

In April 2004, naturalists from across Elgin County came together to compile a book on birding sites in Elgin County. The book is called 'Birds of Elgin County : A Century of Change'.For more information on this book, or purchasing inquiries, please contact Bill Prieksaitis at (519) 785-0176 or e-mail him at wilmar@amtelecom.net

Aldoborough Memorial Forest and the West Elgin Nature Preserve